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Bushfire Sprinker Systems - Home Protection 

Protect Your Home

Sapphire Coast Bushfire Sprinkler Systems specialise in the sales and installation of fire protection sprinkler systems, specifically designed to protect your home or building from bushfire attack. The systems are based on having an adequate independent water supply and the installation of appropriate sprinklers that deluge and drench all vulnerable external surfaces of your dwelling or building in advance of and during a bushfire or any other fire event.

Discover how Sapphire Coast Bushfire Sprinkler systems can help your Bushfire Safety plan


The systems are generally powered by either an electric start diesel pump or sometimes a petrol pump or in some cases electric pumps are suitable…water supply needs to be independent of mains water or grid power supply. Town water and mains power cannot be relied upon during a major bushfire event.

A key element in the systems design is the use of various brass and stainless steel sprinklers and their ability to provide a solid water barrier between your home and the radiant heat of the fire front and to drench and put out burning embers that are windblown and accumulate against the external surfaces of your home. Windblown burning embers arrive in advance of the fire front and are responsible for over 90% of home lost in bushfires.

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Tried & Tested

Our systems are proven with more than six having withstood the ravages of the most recent fires and two others also on previous occasions.

To date no dwellings have been lost with any of our systems installed.

Product Information

The System and Water Supply

 A key feature of our system designs is the use of the appropriate sprinklers for the specific requirement of each vulnerable area of your home to maximize drenching. This is exactly what you need with the strong winds that accompany bushfires. The idea is to sheet a heavy droplet curtain of water down from the eaves directed onto the walls and external surfaces where embers accumulate putting them out, plus protecting under eaves and getting water onto your roof to deluge your gutters. Again over 90% of homes that are destroyed by bushfire, ignite as a result of air blown embers.
We use a full copper pipe system designed to provide high volume flow that actually looks attractive, natural & aesthetically pleasing following the lines (eaves & gables) of your house, if externally attached, or piping can be concealed, particularly during the building phase of your home. 
Utilizing the appropriate sprinklers to suite the desired application coupled with the use of a powerful high flow electric start (battery) diesel or petrol pump with a 12 litre fuel tank that will provide up to 4hrs running time dependant upon the water supply quantity.
It is essential to have at least 20-25,000 litres of available water to run your system continuously for approximately1.5hrs, this being for a 20-30 sprinkler average house system, the more water the better in reality, the longer the running time frame the greater window of opportunity to protect your dwelling.

Concrete or metal tanks are recommended as they will best withstand the fire front. Plastic will serve the purpose but sprinkler protection is recommended to help preserve them..  Tanks can be provided. Dams and pools are also a good source of water to be considered, is not recommended to run the system on town water supplies as pressure is inadequate and often lost during high usage times, particularly during a bushfire when fire trucks are accessing town water supplies and everyone is using water.


Maintaining the system
It is very important to carry out a periodic maintenance schedule by running the system at the beginning of the season and then again during and at the end to make sure everything is kept in good running order and working properly.
When the system is installed generally a re-circulation link is also included so that the pump can be run without having to run the sprinklers. This allows for regular pump activation without drenching your home and wasting water every time you want to check that the pump is operating properly.
We offer an ongoing periodic maintenance service for people who would rather have their system maintained professionally.


The NSW RFS commissioned us to install systems on several of their fire sheds being used as Neighbourhood Safer Places for refuge in fires for the public in Nerrigundah and Burragate.


The Nerrigundah fire shed confronted the full raging fire storm with a dozen people inside, with the occupants claiming the system was the only thing that saved their lives.

fire station.jpg


Additional features can include remote control activation either via mobile phone or Wifi computer activation also heat sensors and smoke detector activation and or UV sensor system.

Remote Mobile Phone Activation
We are agents for the very successful Graeme Lund designed SFS Model SFS01-V2 S/S Mobile phone & sensor activation module.

The Model SFS01-V2 is a Multi-attempt Automatic Engine Smart Switch module designed to automatically [remotely] or manually start and stop the engine. It will indicate the operational status via SMS when running and if any fault conditions,  it will automatically shut down the engine and indicate the start engine failure by a flashing “ST. FAIL” LED as well as informing operator via SMS. Other functions and possible engine fault conditions are also visually shown via a set of LEDs located on the module.
The SFS01-V2 is designed to receive start/stop commands from a specially coded SMS or via direct call from a control server (CS) phone number(s). It is capable of storing up to 10 phone numbers (index 0~9) giving you and your colleagues an equal opportunity to control your engine from any place on earth where mobile network is available. You won’t be charged for a call from CS phone number because the module will hang up incoming call immediately after recognizing you as a valid operator. 
The SFS01-V2 is fitted inside a weather proof polycarbonate IP67 rated enclosure.

Argus Automation

We now offer the Embar Argus UV sensor unit that will activate the system as soon as flames are detected within approx 100 metres of your home this is a great feature for when the dwelling is unattended. For further info on Embar Argus find out more  

Fire Suppressant Injection

Fire suppressant injection is also another feature which when added at the output of the pump increases the efficiency of the water significantly. The Dosatron fire suppressant injectors are the most efficient injector pumps available, now being used by the CFA in Victoria & South Australia on their fire trucks. The Blazetamer Fire retardant used is the only approved Polymer that is environmentally friendly and safe to use.

We pride ourselves in doing the very best quality work and keeping aesthetics and functionality at the forefront of each system design providing the best possible bushfire protection to your home.


Our systems are the most functional, well designed, aesthetically pleasing bushfire protection system you can get. A genuine asset to anyone’s home and becoming a standard requirement for buildings built in fire prone areas. All systems are designed to comply with the very best standards and all workmanship carried out with complete care and professionalism.


All systems offer a full 3 year warranty on all components including installation except for the pumps which come with the standard manufactures warranty which is generally 2 years or 12 months depending on the make of the Pumps.
If you want the best then ours are the benchmark you won’t get better, we have had at least 8 systems go through the fires of which all have survived!!!!


Our main focus is the Far South Coast area of NSW and northeastern Victoria area, basically anywhere within a couple hours of the Pambula/Merimbula area. We pride ourselves on doing an excellent job and will be located reasonably nearby to help with any operational and maintenance issues that may arise.


Give us a call:   0429 881 836

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